1 Time Workout Plan


The program will allow you to:

• Increase muscle mass as well as muscular strength and endurance
• Improve body composition through muscle growth, resulting in toning and increased definition
• Learn new training methods – differing tempos, drop sets, paused reps, rep/set schemes
• Improve exercise technique and master your key lifts
• Improve your overall fitness levels


This package is meant for those who are ready to drop body fat while maintaining maximum muscle mass, strength, and endurance. Helpful tips for proper training are included within the cardio plan.
This program will help you build strength, burn fat, improve endurance, increase energy & confidence!

This program has been specifically designed to help you build MUSCLE, create SHAPE, and fine-tune a strong, lean, healthy, and feminine body! It will help you create curves by adding muscle and help you lose body fat.

This 1 Time Workout Plan includes a 4-6 weeks gym + home-based training plan.

This program is perfect for women who are looking to decrease body fat, improve their technique, learn new training methods, get stronger, fitter and wish to include resistance training into their lifestyle!


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